Version History

Version 1.0.3

  1. Added feature to analyse and process renamed and moved files.
  2. Referral benefit increased from 30 days to 50 days.
  3. Improvements in running progress status information.
  4. Reduced max file size for comparison from 500 MB to 100 MB.
  5. Added the list of files and folders in the sync log, which are locked due to sharing access violation during sync process.
  6. Improvement to app update by closing the app if the user clicks on OK button to download and install newer version so that the installation is smooth.
  7. Basic application event logging.
  8. Improvements in errors and exceptions handling.
  9. Reduced tool tips delay time on settings window.
  10. Added 15 seconds of time delay to enable Re-Send OTP button on the Login or Subscribe window.
  11. Update in EULA (End User Licence Agreement). Published EULA on WEB and added a link in About window.
  12. Replaced the SuperSync author’s Facebook link with twitter link on About window.

Version 1.0.2

  1. Added a new feature with settings option below:
    “Do not delete files in target location.”
    • Added text “(Recommended)” against “Sync creating selected root folder in target location”.
    • Changed the text for “Compare files” setting as below:
      “Compare files line by line (Slower).”
      Its mouse hover text is updated informing users that checking this option will consume more memory (RAM) depending upon the file size during compare process.
  2. Code correction in target disk required space calculation and reduced process as well as response time during calculation of required disk space on target disk.
  3. Added feature to calculate size on disk of file. Earlier it was calculating size that was causing mismatch in calculating total available free space.
  4. Improved coding to handle and skip folders and files those are denied access so that sync process can be continued with rest of the files and folders those are accessible.
  5. Fixed a bug where a user had expired subscription and he/she click the refresh subscription button after extending the subscription, which updates the subscription duration on the user’s local device but on running sync it still showed an expired subscription notice. Earlier, it was required to re-start SuperSync.
  6. Updated the term “Sync Report” to “Sync Log”, which is more relevant with the format.
  7. Fixed the deleting process of files with read-only access, from target location those no longer exists in source location. Earlier, SuperSync was unable to delete some files with read-only access.
  8. Added some exception handling for errors due to insufficient disk space on target disk while copying files and some other exceptions, like files already in the sync list are deleted, renamed or moved by users or other apps during sync process.
  9. Added “View Transactions” link on the Subscription window.
  10. Updated Terms of Use.

Version 1.0.1

  1. Text update on “Register” screen in purple colour below email address text box as below;
    “No promotional emails. Only app information emails are sent.”
  2. Change in the software version update method. In previous version, a new version update alert message appears after SuperSync is started. After clicking the Ok button, it opens the download website page of SuperSync, and no action is taken when clicked on the Cancel button. While in new method, after clicking the Ok button, it directly points to the latest software zip file instead of opening the download website page. The pointing software zip file could either be 32-bit or 64-bit file based of the currently installed application.

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