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Terms of Use

You must agree to below terms of use in order to use SuperSync windows application.

The function of SuperSync is to synchronize files on a backup hard disk from a Windows PC. A backup hard disk could be an extended fixed drive or a network drive or a removable drive like portable hard drive or flash drive. The SuperSync application has been developed by an individual developer/programmer and not by any company/firm.

The SuperSync application has been tested on its author’s personal computer with expected results. SuperSync application does not makes any changes in the selected source directory files during sync process.

SuperSync application works best with extended logical partitions when it comes to fixed drives, like “D:\”. The intent of SuperSync is to synchronize files those are created by you as the user on your PC and not Windows system files. The application might sometimes popup “access denied” messages when it encounters windows system files or directories or if the current user account is restricted access to some files or directory paths. SuperSync does not make changes to the access groups in order to access restricted files or directories.

Selecting Windows system directories like “C:\Windows\” or “C:\Program Files” or “C:\Users” in the target path is not supported by SuperSync as doing so could corrupt a computer’s Windows operating system.

You should use the desired settings and carefully select source and target directories before synchronization process. We will not be responsible for any unwanted accidental loss to your files due to wrong selection of source and/or target directories or by any unexpected system behaviour by your computer device, Windows operating system or hardware.

SuperSync windows application is a subscription based paid application. SuperSync can be subscribed via your email address. You can use up to 10 devices at a time per subscription.

On first installation or first subscription, SuperSync provides a FREE to use subscription for a period of 90 days. Post 90 days, you would be required to pay in order to extended your subscription. In case your subscription is expired, you can still use SuperSync with one-minute delay until your subscription is renewed. You can renew your subscription by using the Extend Subscription link on Account window.

The subscription validity is maintained through a combination of your email address and your basic device information. If you, re-subscribe on the same device with a different email address then the existing subscription is applied on the device. Similarly, if you subscribe on a different device using same email address, then the existing subscription on the email address is applied on the new device.

It is advisable to use your email address on your own devices only and not share your subscription by sharing your email address and OTP to another person.

We reserve the right to review, modify or delete your account information if the information is found to be misleading or requires correction or any other reason. Also, we may block your access from SuperSync application and resources if you are suspected to practice hacking activity or other malicious activity on SuperSync application and resources.

Referral Policy

You can refer SuperSync via email to your family and friends through SuperSync subscription window. For each referred member, you will get an additional subscription of 50 days once the referred person subscribes SuperSync for first time.

The referral works on separate devices only. If you refer family members who uses the same device of yours, then the device’s existing subscription would be applied and the referral benefit would not be applied.

In case of identical email address referred by multiple users, the referral benefit will be applied to the user whose referral link is clicked first by referred person on the basis of first come first serve.


Since SuperSync is a subscription-based application, a valid user email address is required to subscribe/register it. Your email address is validated through a one-time password sent on the given email address.

There are no promotional emails sent on your email address, only SuperSync information emails are sent.

You can update your basic profile details and contact details like mobile number, address etc., later if you like to through the profile section.

SuperSync application collects basic device details of your machine so that upon re-installation of SuperSync, your device could be uniquely identified.

SuperSync application does not collects any data of sync process activity or selected source or target directory path or files or directory or drive information of your machine.

Please read our website's detailed terms and conditions and privacy policy.

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