SuperSync synchronize (mirrors) your backup hard disk drive from your PC. It detects changes in your PC files and makes your backup hard disk files identical to your PC.

What is SuperSync?

SuperSync is a Windows application. It helps you to back-up your files (pictures, videos, documents) from your PC to an external (portable) backup hard disk. It detects changes in your PC files and synchronize (mirrors) your backup hard disk making the files on your external HDD identical with your PC, saving you lot of time.

Why do we need to backup our PC files?

Imagine if your Notebook PC (Laptop) falls on ground then it is more likely that the storage media could have physical damages resulting in losing your entire data.

Backing up your Notebook PC data on an external (portable) hard disk is the best way to eliminate risk of losing your data.

Why do we need SuperSync?

SuperSync helps create a backup of you PC data on a backup (external) (portable) hard disk and synchronize (mirror) the files with your PC. When you run SuperSync app again on your existing backup hard disk with new or updated files on your PC, SuperSync picks only the new/updated files from your PC and updates them to your backup hard disk saving you lot of time. It also detects file renames and movements, and re-arranges all files and folders on your (target) backup hard disk exactly as on the source. It checks files those were cleaned up from your PC and cleans them up from your backup hard disk as well, but before deleting them it shows you the list of files to be deleted for you to review. You can also choose from the settings weather to delete or not delete the removed files. SuperSync detects all changes in files on your PC and makes your backup hard disk files identical to your PC quickly.

SuperSync does not makes any changes to the selected source directory. Hence, your PC data is completely safe as all files remain unchanged as before. SuperSync only makes changes to files in the selected target disk or directory.


Subscribe for (INR) ₹300 ₹150/- Per Year in India (INR 300 Per Year for Other Countries)

On first installation or first subscription, you will receive a FREE to use subscription for a period of 90 days. Post 90 days, you would be required to extended your subscription by paying the one-year subscription cost. In case your subscription is expired, you can still use SuperSync with one-minute delay until your subscription is renewed. You can renew your subscription by using the extend subscription link on account window or subscription page.

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